Premier League

Those people, who are fond of watching football are certainly familiar with the term Premier League. It is not surprising that those people are almost always men, but we can also find some women who would be able to explain what the Premier League is.

The following article will try to help people, for whom the term seems rather strange, to understand what it is. Premier League is also known as Barclays Premier League. The second name is connected with a sponsor's name (a sponsor is Barclays Bank). Generally speaking, Premier League is a name of English football league, but not just one of several English leagues – Premier League is the most important and none of the others are higher than this one.

There are twenty football clubs that belong to Premier League and play matches in it. Particular football teams can get higher in statistics, but they can also fall down – everything depends on their scores. Premier League is a kind of a corporation in which all of the football clubs are shareholders responsible for their enterprise. Each of the club has a right to decide about the most significant aspects of the League, like for example changes of the rules A league season in the case of Premier League always starts in August and lasts till May. Each of the team plays thirty eight matches of all three hundred and eighty ones. Each of the club plays two matches with each other. One of those two matches takes place on the stadium of one team and the second one on the stadium of the other team. In this way, everyone has equal chances, because both teams can play with their own, faithful audience.

The idea of establishing Premier League was born in 1992, exactly in the 20th of February. It was an initiative of Football League First Division teams, which did not want to be dependent on The Football League for which the most important was a profit coming from the TV rights. English football clubs did not want to be commercialized and they decided to do something in order to avoid such a situation. From this time, Premier League has been one of the most interesting all over the world and it has one of the highest viewership. It is also worth mentioning that Barclays Premier League is on the first place if it is about UEFA ranking, so all of the football enthusiasts are aware of the fact that this is a serious issue. It is interesting that the football team, which was first in the Premier League twelve times is Manchester United. This is also a club which played in the Premier League the most often.

The statistics of Premier League, or Barclays Premier League, are very impressive. Since the establishment of the Premier League in England, forty four football clubs played their matches in it. This proves an earlier thesis that the League we are talking about is one of the most popular throughout the world and if anyone had doubts about it, he should not have them anymore or should read the following article again.